Happiness, Health, Love and Wealth

Image used under Creative Commons 2.0 courtesy of Yellow Becky/flickr.com
Image used under Creative Commons 2.0 courtesy of Yellow Becky/flickr.com

Let me preface this post with this: I find that my mind wanders around from thought to thought on a near constant basis; it doesn’t seem to rest even when I’m essentially doing nothing or trying to sleep. In those moments when I’m not really thinking about anything per se, I still have those repetitive thoughts; for me they’re a group of words and the first few are things I’m fearful of and then the last is slightly more upbeat. Recently I decided to change my thinking from things I don’t want to things which I do want; Happiness, Health, Love and Wealth.

When I was a boy, in year 8 if I recall correctly, I was playing in a state school boy golf tournament and on the first hole, I saw a helipad directly in front of the tee. The golf course is located on the premisses of a hospital, in case you were wondering why there is a helipad there…anyway, being a bit nervous I asked the coordinator what happens if I hit the ball on the helipad. He laughed and replied with, something like, “that’s impossible, there’s no way you can get the ball to only go that far even if you hit a bad shot; just hit the ball”. So there I am with my driver, nervous and thinking constantly about that helipad roughly 10-20 feet away from me. I swing and smash the ball; the only thing is, the ball somehow goes almost directly up, quite a distance up, in the air and then lands and stays directly in the centre of the helipad. The coordinator was shocked! I was so embarrassed and he just said, “I have no idea how you were able to pull that shot off, be-it an awful shot, but with a driver there is nearly no way possible for that to have happened!” but it did! And why? I was focused solely on the helipad, that’s why!

One more golfing analogy; I know you love it! It was said that Jack Nicklaus, “The Golden Bear” would get into “the zone” during major tournaments and while in “the zone” would only see where he needed his ball to go next. Did he see all the crowds when he was addressing the ball? Did he see all the bunkers, trees, water hazards, etc? No.

The trick isn’t some magical, new ager, mystical hogwash but simple mind over matter. Your mind can create your reality and being happy, for the most part; I know life isn’t always roses but being happy is a state of mind and a choice! I’m not suggesting that you can use your mind to change the reality that the desk you’re sitting at isn’t really a desk but a new sports car but how you interpret the images and sounds that are the inputs to your mind can help you begin to see opportunities where previously you thought there were none; the nay sayer will always find reasons for why an opportunity is not as good as it promises to be. Remember that not every opportunity will eventuate in the desired outcome, but never following an opportunity will ensure you never get anywhere you desired.

So, back to my initial paragraph. I started repeating the words “Happiness, Health, Love and Wealth”, in that order, over and over again in mind in my quiet moments and you know what, I’m starting to smile more, the incessant chest pains from heartburn or indigestion (turns out they were more than likely anxiety attacks) fade away. Why not give this mantra of sorts a go yourself and tell me in the comments section below how it helped you or what your mantra is.

Famous U.S. Comedienne Blocks Me From Following Her on Twitter…WTF? I know!

I watched a video on YouTube with Roseanne Barr and was impressed by what she had to say so I followed her on Twitter and added her to a couple of lists comedy and conspiracy theorists (the latter has now been changed to truth-seekers as you will soon see) and then posted a message.

blocked from following

First Time On Air!

Hi folks! It’s been some time since I’ve posted; I thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to recently. I have put stand up on the back-burner for the time being, while I complete this radio course I started nearly 7 weeks ago. It’s a pretty good course too! It’s only 8 weeks and packs a lot in. I was lucky enough to be ‘on air’ for the first time last Friday night and I had a blast! The audio for this is posted on the main page.

The course is run by 2RRR 88.5 FM and lectures conducted by Mr. Steve Ahern (@SteveAhern).

If you’re looking to get involved in Community Radio then this course is a must!

Okay, so I’ve given the station a good plug…and why not! Though, as I was saying before, I got the chance to be on air on Friday night as a gust announcer for DJ Earley Curley’s Friday night show (20:00 to 22:00) called “Matthew’s Magical Musical Hour(s)” (@MMMHFM).

I am doing the course with a mate from work and we’re hoping to have our own show in the near future. We’re still toying with show names and the format but it should be a funny mix of something with a dash of music and things…maybe stuffs too!

If you’re in a band, drama group or you’re a comedian and you have a gig to plug (preferably but not necessarily in the Gladesville, Hunters Hill or Ryde area) then send an email to radio@jollysworldofweb.com and we’ll do our best to give your show a plug.

I think by now, you should know the rest!

Is there more to the recent spate of cyber attacks and identity theft?

Many people worry about someone from some corner of the world hacking a server that hosts your personal information be it financial or some other personal information you would prefer not know. While it might be just so that the hacker can sell your information so people can get credit by using your identity or to simply steal money from your bank account is a moot point. The issue is that we’re in a day in age where this can and does happen and either way it is an attack on the person. Though if you were to delve into the depths of the conspiracy theorist than you might begin to think about a phrase coined by David Icke called ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution’ whereby a governing body wishes to do something that their public or organisation would not want unless of course something drastic were to happen (Problem). Then the public or members of the organisation react to the problem (obviously, Reaction) and then the governing body proposes a remedy to this perceived threat (Solution). So, I ask you, is there more to the recent spate of cyber attacks and identity theft?

I was reading an article in the Sydney Morning Herald today about identity theft when the thought occurred to me that perhaps this is a great way to bring about an Australian ID Card; as the article states, “Information from the survey, conducted by Di Marzio Research, will be used to help develop a new national identity security strategy, Mr McClelland said”. Though the Australia Card has had its fair share of rejection over the years, maybe, just maybe there’s a chance it might to come back to the fore.

In saying that, I would love a card with some number, let’s say our tax file number and if there was a secure web service provided by the government we could log in, do our tax, check our @australia.gov email address and keep our postal information updated and any other information that would make life easier for us. I know the conspiracy theorists will suggest this is a bad move but FFS, they know all the information and the data could still be modular so that other departments could not access all of your data, only you could when logging in to the site.

Okay, so yes it does put all your eggs in one basket but they have all the information anyway. It’s probably all stored in offline networks, that is, networks that are accessible from certain government computers but not on the internet. Either way, I think this could be achieved and would help to simplify the publics interaction with the government.

Well as always, I’d love to hear your comments on this and don’t forget…

I’m in a video for Unhatched called “Great Moments in…”

It’s for Unhatched which is a competition run by YouTube, The Comedy Channel (FOXTEL) and Nova Radio.

Tah Dah!

Would be great if you can like the shitznic out of this :P

North Africa and the Middle East: Signs of things to come?

With the recent uprisings throughout North Africa and the Middle East it makes me wonder, is this the next Swine Flu, in that, is this the next epidemic? In a sense it does seem so; it certainly appears to me that this rapid movement of unrest has been timed perfectly, much like a pyrotechnics expert would do when ringing in the new year. When looking at how quickly the uprisings have escalated from country to country and now China in a spot of bother too, the conspiracy theorist in me feels that this could be a CIA operation intended to weaken the aforementioned regions. If they are destabilised then new, perhaps more favourable, dictators…err I mean democratically elected leaders could step up to the plate so to speak. Is this some kind of attempt by the elite to reduce sovereign states to mere local councils within a regional government containing it's own leaders, laws, police force and military? I know this seems to be a bit NWOish. In one sense however, this is not something new, though, in a way it is too; seeing as it is happening in such a concerted manner. Who's next? The USA, Great Britain or perhaps some European states? Is this a sign of things to come?

My bet would be on a country in Europe, if not more than one! Why? Because of the fledgling EU. If there was some kind of "dark force" at play, then they would be wanting a one world government and so regional governments containing once sovereign nations would be the first step before merging all regional governments into one; one world government. Okay so where's the tinfoil hat you say. I lost mine but all jokes aside, it does feel like the dawning of a new geopolitical age is upon us.

Today as I was reading an article on Bahrain and saw that the government has employed foreign mercenaries to act as a insitu security force. I have been a subscriber to what Alex Jones and many other Conspiracy Theorists have had to say for nearly a decade now and perhaps only about six months ago I began to treat the content as mere fiction; perhaps a new genre of fiction. However some of the topics these conspiracy types have mentioned, nearly a decade ago seems closer than it did before. One of the things Alex Jones talks about is martial law in the US and I as I said, back when he was discussing this it seemed unlikely to me. There was talk of foreign mercenaries and armies being trained on US soil; essentially, military contractors much like our all-time favourites, "Blackwater", who of course changed their name to "Xe" due to the bad rap they were garnering in Iraq. No idea how THAT came about. Now we see in Bahrain, that while the Bahrainians have to live in squalor, the imported security forces have it quite good, so why would they be on the side of the people when their employer has given them everything they need?

The rows of neat, government-subsidised, white homes accommodating the security forces, all flying a Bahraini flag from the rooftop, are largely no-go zones for citizens.

The areas have their own supermarkets and guard force, and a distinctly different feel.

"They are not from here, and it shows," activist Ali Hussein said at the Pearl roundabout. "They know nothing about Bahraini traditions. They are imported into the country        to protect the regime and given citizenship and rights that we could never get."

"They are Indians, Jordanians, Syrians and Yemenis," Khadija Haidar, a Bahraini mother, said. "They are loyal to the regime that pays them salaries, gives them a house  and a pension and says: 'You have a job for life.'

Quoted from the same article above.

It's funny, you know; I once believed in these theories, then I stopped and now…well now, I'm not so sure. If we see this happen in a larger Western democracy then what next? Is that the time to pack up and leave? I mean if this were to take place in the USA who is to say it couldn't happen anywhere? Not saying it will and I'm certainly not suggesting the conspiracy theorists are correct. What I am saying is, wow, they seem a lot closer to the truth than I had previously given them credit for.

I would love some feedback on this. While I'm not a conspiracy nut, I also don't necessarily trust the government. This whole scenario makes me wonder if some larger force is at play, attempting to destabilise the Middle East and North African regions so as to strengthen the likelihood of a regional government. Sounds a bit like 1984, I know! While it might all be a big nothing and simply a lot of events taking place, all purely coincidental and no real serious hidden threat, it does feel like something is a brewing.

Maybe in time, instead of having nation states at war, we will see these regions fighting one-another. So then what? Will the UN once and for all suggest that they run things now? You know…we can't have all this war! Then what do we have? We have a one world government and what used to be economic regions would be like states and what used to be sovereign nation states will become more like local counties or councils.

Okay so this is a far strech but simply think about it; try to look ahead and definitely post your comments below.

And as always…