The State of Affairs: Turnbull, Trump, Sanders, Brexit, and More!

People are sick and tired of the establishment. Trump and Sanders had such popularity due to their non-establishment ideals. Brexit was, (probably) largely a middle finger to the establishment; even if it might be akin to cutting off the nose to spite the face. Turnbull’s failed campaign — yes, even if they somehow get 76 seats — shows, that the Australian people have lost confidence, and trust, of their elected officials, and in particular, the two main parties.

Why? The poor are getting screwed, the middle class obliterated, and now we have a subtle, yet large, collective ‘waking up’, of sorts; a realisation of what is going on. I think the populous are starting to see the powerful — typically rich — are pitting those in the bottom 99.99% against each other; 99.99%, you say? Not ‘the 99%’? I doubt it is the actual top 1% hurting us, but the furthest little edge of ‘bell curve’; not that it looks much like a bell anymore! And, no, this is not a novel concept, more and more people, however, are beginning to realise it. Some examples include: Homosexual v Straight, or Straight Christian v Homosexual; Black v White; Muslim v Jew, or Christian v Muslim; Left v Right; Rich v Poor; Citizens v Immigrants/Refugees/etc.

Let us now consider that good old ‘bell curve’; capitalism, initially builds society, over time, then in the ’80s we begin to see two worlds; a poor/middle class and a middle class/super elite. Why have I incorporated the middle class, you may ask? Well, over the course of the ’80s and well into the ’90s, perhaps even, beginning in the late ’70s, we saw a divide amongst the middle class. There were the lower-socioeconomic middle class and the higher-socioeconomic middle class, through the ’90s into the 2000s; it was seemingly a period of equality. Towards the late 2000s there is a global financial crash, many lose money, lots of money; not just the elite either, the mum and dad investors too; through direct investments, to superannuation funds managed by large corporations.

What we see coming out of late 2000 and into the 2010s is a huge growth of economic diversity. We start to see the average Joe’s of the world, the people who used to have stable jobs, with average — and yes, some above average thanks to predatory loaning — mortgages, now losing their homes; that poor-middle class grouping is consolidating into a poor class; the middle class/super elite is consolidating, however some of those who were in the lower end of that group are and have, fallen off the financial cliff, right back into a worse situation then the middle class of old ever was. We still call them the middle class, and I guess, they are; however, they are also the ones where the concept of saving is a laugh and just having a job is lucky, even if the management treat you like a joke, bully you, vilify you, you’re meant to say, “well, hey, at least I have a job!”. You exist, but you never live; always existing on the cusp of living. You dream, but you know it’s never going to happen, but still you dream and you protect the rich because one day, ONE DAY, you might win lotto, or some competition on a morning TV show!

Now, let us get back to the people who hurt us, on a near global, level; were they punished? Few. For the most part, the people in office give the thieves the rest of the loot! We, feel disengaged, disenfranchised, disheartened, in general, DISSED!

Ultimately, many feel they have no political, or societal, voice. Most see ‘these people in suits doing as they please, within the confines of a system that is rigged in their favour’.

Though…I am hopeful! Once enough people realise, that we’re being treated like dolls, — in some giant, malevolent, facade of a doll house — and look outside, it will be game on! Next thing will be to break out of the doll house prison, and fight; first using the law, then, if need be, perhaps more!

This is happening, and yes, this is another rant by me, but it is going to happen, and when it does, there will be no going back, and things will get ugly; for the better!

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Used to be on radio; maybe back on-air again one day. Somewhat creative. Occasionally funny. Lover of Tabasco sauce and beer - not always together. Linux user.
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Used to be on radio; maybe back on-air again one day. Somewhat creative. Occasionally funny. Lover of Tabasco sauce and beer - not always together. Linux user.

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