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Firstly, welcome to Jolly’s World of Web. If you don’t know much about Jolly, then this would be an ideal place to start. It really is quite a good read, not to mention, it’s one of those stories you could tell again and again…well maybe.

Jolly originally started his career by completing a bachelor of science in chemistry. Though the degree didn’t go quite as planned, as it took him a lot longer than expected. Jolly was slowly losing interest in his major, chemistry, as well as his minor, mathematics.

During the middle of his degree he tried first year computer science with the hope of changing to a computer science degree. Let’s just say that studying pure chemistry and computer science at the same time was a not such a good choice, and as a result, failed everything quite spectacularly.

Having failed so poorly Jolly decided to keep computing as a hobby and just finish his degree (thanks to words of advice from his father). It was at this point that Jolly, now having made some friends in computer science, was introduced to others in the that degree who were going to put together a revue. Jolly jumped right in, with complete enthusiasm and found himself a new love, comedy!

Comedy, though, wasn’t going to get him a job, or so he thought; so how on earth was he going to get through this degree when his minor, mathematics was somewhat of a struggle?  Obvious! He changed his minor from mathematics to philosophy, cause hey, that’s easier…right? Jolly found philosophy was not as easy as expected. Be it the case, he still thoroughly enjoyed it and performed reasonably well.

In 2003 Jolly completed his degree at UNSW and at that point had been involved in three shows thus far and was rehearsing for his fourth.

  • CSE Revue 2002 – Minority Revue
  • Med Revue 2003 – 8 Inch
  • CSE Revue 2003 – CSE Revue Reloaded
  • Terry Pratchett novel adapted for stage by Stephen Briggs 2003 – Guards! Guards!

In 2003 Jolly was elected as a co-director for the following year’s Med Revue and so in 2004, he performed briefly in that show and also came back for another Terry Pratchett play…well originally a novel adapted for stage.

  • Med Revue 2004 – (Co-Director) The Cat with the Fat
  • Terry Pratchett novel adapted for stage by Stephen Briggs 2004 – Weird Sisters

In 2005 a couple of mates Jolly had met through Med Revue (Craig Simms and Anand Rajan…Dr Anand Rajan) wrote a play and so, in that same year he was on stage once more. Those pesky characters actually decided to write another show the following year and Jolly played a role in that too. Jolly played his first main role in Happy Wings.

  • Happy Wings 2005 – Happy Wings
  • Grave Intentions 2006 – Grave Intentions

Then it all went quiet…he had done voice overs for a couple of revues over those years as well as the aforementioned shows but by 2007 it all dried up…until…sometime towards the end of 2009, Jeb Cole asked him to audition for a show that Comicide was taking to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2010. And so, as was his fate he was successful in the auditions, went to Melbourne and loved it!

  • Work/Life Sentence 2010 – Comicide (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010)

This new experience on a larger stage sparked Jolly’s imagination and hopes all over again and so now, who knows where it leads. This is essentially the reason for this site; to post ideas for videos or other sketches and to also start podcasting.

Thanks for reading.
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Used to be on radio; maybe back on-air again one day. Somewhat creative. Occasionally funny. Lover of Tabasco sauce and beer - not always together. Linux user.
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